Converting property, possessions, inventory or collections to cash quickly and efficiently is a major benefit of the Auction Method of Marketing but sellers also want to be assured they will get a fair market value. That’s why an auction is the best tool to meet that goal. Our 45 years of experience in the changing market place enables us to most effectively market your merchandise. Our In-house marketing experts can design an appropriate plan to advertise your items to the national, regional and local markets. Our customer database of 100,000+ previous auction bidders allows targeted direct mail of brochures. Internet, email, print media and broadcast advertising are employed where appropriate.

We conduct or sell over 150 Auctions each year and this gives our staff regular and frequent direct exposure to many different auction markets and allows us to promote your auction to the thousands of different bidders we will see immediately prior to YOUR auction.

Much ado has been made of online Ebay type auctions, and for certain individual items, which can be easily shipped, that option should be considered. We can list those items for you and monitor their sale. In a few short weeks we will have active online EBAY type bidding available on our website, and as soon as technology (i.e. broadband) is available to more bidders we will have real time internet bidding at the Auction Center. Keep an eye on this site for developments. For the bulk of items and many large items found in the average home the traditional auction remains the best choice for sale.

Contact us and let us arrange a meeting to evaluate your items and discuss the best plan to sell them. We can arrange for packing, moving, setup and display of your items at your site or at Fogelsville Auction Center. We can advise you how to setup and display your own items at your site.